This is Dot, and welcome to her yarn den. Dot actually hates yarn, as it has taken over all of the extra space in her home, and left-overs usually mean a new handmade sweater from Marie.


Marie, Dot's business partner and General Manager, is a crocheter and fan of Scheepjes yarn. Frustrated by the lack of yarn retailers in North America offering Scheepjes products, Marie and Dot decided to open DotsYarnDen to fellow Scheepjes enthusiasts.

DotsYarnDen is an online retailer in North America specializing in Scheepjes yarn. Based in Oregon, our mission is to offer an extensive range of yarn products in stock with excellent service and shipping.

We are a small business and love to hear from our customers! If there is a special Scheepjes yarn you are looking for and can't find in our store, please let us know. There's a good chance we can include it in our next order.