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Welcome to DotsYarnDen - Bundling Happiness into Your Creative Journey!

Hey there, yarn enthusiasts! I'm Marie, the heart and hands behind DotsYarnDen. Alongside my trusty sidekick, Dottie (the cutest pup you'll ever meet), we embarked on this colorful journey back in 2020. Our goal? To create a haven for Scheepjes yarn aficionados right here in the US.

Our Story: From Portland, Oregon to Brookings, Oregon

It all started in our humble abode in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by skeins of vibrant yarns and endless creative ideas. But guess what? Our love for yarn just couldn't be contained in one space! We needed more room to spread our wings (or should I say, our yarns?). That's how we found our new home in Brookings, Oregon, where our warehouse now sits, brimming with over 50 Scheepjes yarn collections including Whirls, Whirlettes, Metropolis, Catona, Cahlista, Softfun, StoneWashed, Terrazzo, and more!

Small Team, Big Heart

At DotsYarnDen, it's just me and Dottie, but our dreams are as vast as our yarn selection. We believe in adding a personal touch to everything we do. From providing expert yarn advice to packing your orders with care and a sprinkle of joy, our goal is to make each package a bundle of happiness for your creative pursuits. Fast delivery, delightful surprises, and that warm, personal touch are our promises to you.

Introducing Our Brand New Retail Storefront!

Exciting news for local yarn lovers – in April 2023, we opened our very first retail storefront! This new space is not just a store; it's a vibrant community hub for crafters. We've expanded our yarn stash to include stunning hand-dyed yarns, soft and tactile roving, and a variety of knitting and crochet tools. And let's not forget the adorable notions that are sure to capture your heart. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, our store is a haven for all things yarn and beyond!

Come and Visit!

If you're in the south coast of Oregon, our doors are always open for a warm, yarn-filled welcome. Our warehouse and new retail store are spaces where creativity and camaraderie come together in a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures.

Stay in the Loop

Before you dive back into the world of yarns and patterns, make sure to join our mailing list. It's your golden ticket to the latest patterns, exclusive kits, and some pretty irresistible promotions.

Happy Yarning,

Marie (and Dottie 🐾)

Meet Dottie - The Heart and Soul of DotsYarnDen

Let's shine the spotlight on the true star of DotsYarnDen – Dottie, our beloved French Bulldog. Don't be fooled by her adorable face; she's the real boss around here. With a decade of life experience, Dottie brings more than just cuteness to the table. Her innate French Bulldog charm and keen sense of leadership have propelled her to the top of our yarn empire.

At DotsYarnDen, Dottie plays a pivotal role. She oversees inventory management with an expert eye, ensuring everything is in its perfect place. When it comes to package fulfillment, she's the final inspector, guaranteeing that every order is packed with love and care. And let's not forget her most important job: welcoming visitors to our warehouse with her infectious enthusiasm and wagging tail-end.

Her portrait, which adorns our wall, is more than just a decoration. It's a daily source of inspiration for our team, reminding us to blend dedication with joy in our work. Dottie embodies the spirit of DotsYarnDen – where hard work meets heart – motivating us to tirelessly pursue our goal of making your creative dreams come true.

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