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Add Texture and Style to Your Space with The Basket Weave Pillow: A Knit Pattern with Scheepjes Yarn

Updated: Feb 18

Enhance your space with The Basket Weave Pillow and add a homemade touch of texture and style! This exquisite free knit pattern (crochet version coming soon) is crafted using Scheepjes Chunky Monkey or Truly Scrumptious yarn, making it the ideal addition to any room in your home. Whether you're a beginner or a skilled knitter, this fast and easy project is guaranteed to bring joy to your space.

The Basket Weave Pillow pattern is worked as a long flat piece, then folded over into a square and stitched up the sides. The pillow cover is designed to be removable and is finished with oversized buttons.

Recommended Yarn Options

Make it with Scheepjes Chunky Monkey: For those seeking something new and different, the perfect yarn awaits. With a delightfully thick texture and compatibility with 5mm needles and hooks, this Aran weight yarn is crafted from hypoallergenic Premium Acrylic. Additionally, its extensive color options and easy care make it an ideal choice for The Basket Weave Pillow. But, what really sets Chunky Monkey apart is its anti-pilling quality. No more unsightly little balls of fuzz on your favorite garments and toys! This versatile yarn is particularly well-suited for creating substantial pieces, such as home décor, blankets, and amigurumi toys, as well as cozy jackets, chunky sweaters, beanies, and shawls.

Make it with Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious: Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious is a blend of acrylic and recycled polyester that delivers both softness and durability. With 80 delightful shades to choose from, each inspired by a delectable dessert from around the globe, this yarn adds a touch of sweetness to any project. Seventy-two of these shades are charmingly heathered, ensuring a distinctive finish. This yarn is ideal for larger projects like blankets and pillows, as its 100 gram balls have an impressive length of 108 meters. Not only does this make Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious perfect for crafting projects with greater dimension and comfort, it also promotes sustainability, making it a smart choice for conscientious crafters.

 Supplies Needed:

  • 3 skeins of Scheepjes Chunky Monkey or Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious in the color of your choice

  • 5mm or US8 circular needles 28” or more in length

  • 16” x 16” Pillow insert

  • Tapestry needle

  • Stitch markers

  • 3 large buttons (approx 2 inches)

Gauge: Using US8 needles 14 stitches and 22 rows = 4” 

Skill Level: Beginner

Key Stitch Descriptions:

  • K knit

  • P purl

  • RS right/front side of work

  • WS wrong/back side of work


Cast on 64 sts with the cast on method of your choice.

Row 1 (RS): K4, place marker, P1, K4; repeat from total of 11 times, P1, place marker, K4.

Row 2 (WS): K4, slip marker, K1, P4; repeat from total of 11 times, K1, slip marker, K4.

Row 3 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 4 (WS): Same as Row 2.

Row 5 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 6 (WS): K4, slip marker, K6, P4; repeat from total of 11 times, K6, slip marker, K4.

Row 7 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 8 (WS): Same as Row 6.

Row 9 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 10 (WS): Same as Row 6.

Row 11 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 12 (WS): Same as Row 2.

Row 13 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 14 (WS): Same as Row 2.

Row 15 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 16 (WS): K4, slip marker, K1, P4, K6; repeat from total of 11 times, P4, K1, slip marker, K4.

Row 17 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 18 (WS): Same as Row 16.

Row 19 (RS): Same as Row 1.

Row 20 (WS): Same as Row 16.

Repeat rows 1 – 20 a total of 10 times.  

During the 20th set, insert three button holes on row 12 at stitches 11-15, 31-35, 51-55 using the “How to Make the Perfect Button Holes” video by 

Work Row 1 and Row 2 again.

Bind Off

Fold the bottom and top halves to overlap on the back side by about 2 inches, and about 90 rows are showing on the front. Hold the two right side pieces together so that you will be stitching the pillow cover inside out. Use a whip stitch to sew the edges together so the pillow cover measures 16” X 16”.

Weave in ends.

Turn the pillow cover right side out. 

Sew on buttons at row 6 or in the row that puts the buttons in a position that tucks the bottom end underneath the top end in line with the button holes.

Insert pillow insert, button the cover, and display in your favorite cozy place!

Pattern copyright © DotsYarnDen LLC. This pattern is available for unlimited personal use. You may print a copy of the pattern or keep a digital copy for personal use only. Do not reproduce this pattern or sell this pattern (either digitally or in print). This document may not be posted online, either as a complete document or in part. You can sell items made using this pattern as long as the designer is credited. Please do not print copies to distribute with yarn sales, as this infringes copyright. 

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