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Find the perfect Whirlette to match your Whirl 💃🏽

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Scheepjes Whirlettes are the perfect compliment to expand the creative possibilities of Scheepjes Whirls. With 25 new colors, there is a perfect matching Whirlette for every Whirl. With so many combinations to choose from, experimenting with color or expanding a knit or crochet project using a Whirl will be easier than ever.

Whirlette is a 100 gram cake (almost 500 yards!) in a single shade and, like the popular Scheepjes Whirl, this light-weight yarn has a generous twist that provides a smooth crafting experience with wonderfully soft flowing results. The unicolour shades coordinate perfectly to match either the inner or outer colours of the Whirl yarn cakes, which is ideal for extending a gradient project or, for example, adding edging to the sleeves or neckline of a cardigan. Whirlette will also steal the show all on its own in any project calling for a lacy look, beautiful drape or lightweight, breathable wearability.



Click below to download a list of all of the Whirls with their matching Whirlettes 👏

Download PDF • 146KB

You can also find more details about Whirl & Whirlette combinations on Simy's Studio Blog.


Quick Reference List ⬇️

Match Banana Cream Hi with Custard

Match Black Forest Zinger with Frosted

Match Blackberry Mint Chip with Plum

Match Blackcurrant Squeeze Me with Frosted

Match Blueberry Bambam with Ice or Bilberry

Match Brambleberry with Bilberry or Acai Berry

Match Caramel Core Blimey with Macadamia or Chestnut

Match Citrus Squeeze with Tangy Olive

Match Coral Catastrophe with Candy Floss

Match Cotton Candy Man with Grapefruit

Match Daffodil Dolally with Star Fruit

Match Dandelion Munchies with Banana or Liquorice

Match Dark Grape Squish with Liquorice

Match Forbidden Fuchsia with Pomegranate

Match Fruity 'o' Tutty with Banana

Match Golden Glowworm with Bitter Coffee

Match Green Tea Tipple with Chewy

Match Indigo Plane with Sugar

Match Jade JimJam with Spearmint

Match Jumpin Jelly with Sizzle

Match Jumpin' Jaffa Pop with Cashew

Match Key Lime Pi with Avocado

Match Lavenderlicious with Grappa

Match Lemon Cassis Cream with Acai Berry

Match Liquorice Yumyum with Liquorice or Ice

Match Mediterranean MooHa with Lightly Salted

Match Melting Macaron with Bubble

Match Mid Morning Mocha'roo with Chocolate

Match Minty Black Velvet with Liquorice

Match Murderous Mint with Sour Apple

Match Night Time Bubbles with Liquorice

Match Passion Fruit Melt with Almond Butter

Match Peppermint Patty Cake with Kiwi or Mint

Match Petrol Please Me with Yummy

Match Pink to Wink with Crushed Candy

Match Pistachi Oh So Nice with Baklava

Match Popin Candy with Luscious

Match Raspberry Rocky Roads with Chewy

Match Red Velvet Sunrise with Citrus

Match Rhubarb Bumble with Luscious

Match Rosewater Cocktail with Banana or Blueberry

Match Salted Caramel Matcha with Delicious or Chestnut

Match Scrumpthious Lush with Chestnut

Match Sea Breeze Tease with Blueberry

Match Sherbet Rainbow with Rose

Match Shrinking Violet with Parma Violet

Match Sippy Sage with Avocado

Match Slice 'O' Cherry Pie with Frosted

Match Strawberries & Scream with Sizzle

Match Tangerine Tambourine with Marshmallow

Match Tasty Nom Nom with Grappa

Match Turkish Delight with Crushed Candy or Plum

Match Turquoise Turntable with Tasty Treat

Match Watermelon Hell Raiser with Liquorice

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