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The 4 Best Yarn Choices that are Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Have you ever been bothered by the feel of wool against your skin? When it comes to wool allergies, there are numerous misconceptions and hypotheses, but science has found that wool is not really an allergen. Consumers with sensitive skin should use high-quality, natural fibers with a low micron count. Natural materials that are softer than artificial acrylic fabrics are available. These textiles are environmentally friendly and even encourage health benefits, including enhanced sleeping habits and eczema relief. Besides, this type of fabric is considered to be more breathable and odor resistant.

Below is a compiled list of yarn alternatives for those of you who are allergic to wool and everything that comes with it.

Cotton and cotton blends

Traditionally, cotton is known as a masterpiece for a reason. We will always come back to this natural plant fiber yarn because it has so many outstanding properties. It is known to be washable, sturdy, and oh-so-breathable. This fabric has been considered a good ideal for warm-weather clothing and accessories. Thus it is allowing you to knit and crochet your garments for a lifetime. The magic of these blends is that they can give you the perfect drape, gentleness, and texture for your fashion. These cotton strands are tough and resilient, and they come in a range of shades. Every time you wash good-quality cotton, it gets softer. Cotton is also inexpensive, in addition to having all of these wonderful features. Cotton yarns range from different threads like organic cotton and Egyptian cotton.


Because acrylic and microfiber strands are synthetic, they will not irritate people who are allergic to animal products. You have the chance to wash and dry knitted items made with this type of yarn. Acrylic is similar to cotton when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It's also one of the most cost-effective solutions available. This insulating fabric is a wonderful choice for some of your warmer-weather attire. You can acquire this yarn in whatever color you desire because it's so easy to dye!


Cashmere is a luxuriously soft fiber derived from the Kashmir goat. This type of wool is the downy wool that grows beneath the coarser outer hair of a Kashmir goat. Instead of cutting the goat, the fibers are achieved by combing it. Cashmere is extremely expensive because each goat produces only a few ounces per year.


Silk is super smooth and pleasant to the touch. You know how good it feels to sleep on silk sheets or wear a silk top if you've ever done so. Although the yarn may be a little slick at first, your finished products will be sufficiently gentle for any skin.

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