Why Scheepjes?

The Netherlands has been a hub for creativity and artistic exploration for many decades, with the old Dutch masters being recognized the world over for use of color and advancements in the world of fine art and painting. Along with its famous neighbors, the Scheepjes brand can trace its beginnings to the 18th century wool industry in Veenendaal, Utrecht. Developing for nearly two centuries, the business grew to be one of the largest wool producers in the area. It was closed, however, in the 1980's after being affected by drastic economic challenges in the region, including increased wages, decreased work days, and increased competition.

Twenty-two years later, family-owned business De Bondt, took over the Scheepjeswol brand name and gave it a new lease of life so that today we can again use the yarn of this famous Dutch brand. 

The Scheepjeswol logo shows a ship based on a ‘Samoereus’, an inland vessel that among other things was used to transport peat from the bogs around Veenendaal. You can find the same ship in Veenendaal’s coat of arms.

Since it's re-establishment, Scheepjes has produced a truly fun and unique collection of yarns, in some of the most vibrant and creative color options. Their high quality yarns are versatile enough to make everything from fine knitted wearables to hardy crocheted home decor.


And if you are looking for project ideas, Scheepjes has built a network of experienced and creative designers and bloggers who consistently offer new project ideas and patterns that are well suited to the modern knitter and crocheter. 

We encourage you to check out their blog sites and follow them, as well as Scheepjes, on social media for a wealth of creative projects and ideas!

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