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Scheepjes Yarn

Shop For Whirl and Scheepjes Yarn at Dots Yarnden

To the novice, the untrained eye, or those who simply don't take an interest in knitting, crafting, needlework, artwork, or other types of crafting, it will likely go unnoticed. Sure, those people might likely notice the difference in quality, color, or the overall appearance of the final results, but they won't know why. That is because when it comes to materials like yarn, there is more to these common crafting materials than meets the eye. Scheepjes yarn and Whirl are two good examples of these differences.

Scheepjes yarn is of Dutch origin dating back three centuries. Modern versions of Scheepjes is acrylic and wool-based yarn noted for its variety of uses in contemporary textures and shades. That versatility is also evidenced by this yarn being prevalent in both home textile and garment-making. Classic, beautiful, and versatile are a few of the advantages of Scheepjes yarn, and a few of the reasons it has been a favorite yarn for people all over the world - just ask the Dutch.
Whirl, of the Scheepjes yarn family, and technically a Scheepjes gradient yarn, is applauded and recognized for its features. In addition to offering a color pallet of more than 50 colors, the 60/40 cotton/acrylic blend creates a yarn that is both lightweight and breathable. One feature that separates Whirl from other gradient yarns is its ease of use due to its twist design, which is also helpful in preventing splitting and frayed ends.

These are only a few of the beautiful, bright, colorful, and high-quality yarns that customers find at Dots Yarnden. And for those who are serious about crafting, about artistry, and creating the most beautiful results, they know there is more to yarn than meets the eye. Thank you for visiting Dots Yarnden, and from the novice crafter to the most experienced craftsperson, we are here to help. There are many styles, looks, feels, and uses for yarns, and if you need help finding a yarn - or choosing one, the yarn pros at Dots Yarnden are here to help.

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