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US Yarn Shop

Your One-Stop US Yarn Shop

Do you use a lot of yarn? Are you looking for a particular kind of yarn? Maybe you need to purchase yarn in bulk and need a good supplier of quality yarns? The truth is, it could be your first time knitting or your first time in a yarn store, or you could be a small clothing manufacturer who is seeking a materials partner. We can help.

Welcome to Dots Yarnden, and your one-stop US yarn shop for all your yarn and yarn product needs. Patterns, accessories, ball winders, and virtually everything you will need when it comes to yarn are what our customers find at Dots Yarnden. Contact our US yarn shop if you are looking for yarn, accessories, or if you can't find something, and we will be happy to help. Thank you again for visiting Dots Yarnden, and happy crafting.

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