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Where to Find Scheepjes Yarn in the USA

Scheepjes yarn, a favorite among knitters and crocheters for its high quality and wide range of colors, can be a bit of a quest to locate in the United States. Whether you're a fan of their Whirls, Catona, Stone Washed or any other range, knowing where to look can make all the difference in getting your hands on these delightful yarns. We’ve collected a list of online retailers we’ve found and resources for finding and buying Scheepjes yarn across the US, highlighting both small online shops and larger retailers, as well as Canadian options that ship to the US.

A shelf displaying colorful balls of yarn with a cute crochet beanie hanging in front.
A display of amazing colors of Scheepjes yarn

Small Online Shops

For those who prefer to support small businesses, there are several online shops that specialize in Scheepjes yarns and offer a personal touch to your shopping experience. A go-to destination for an extensive selection of Scheepjes yarns and expertise, DotsYarnDen prides itself on delivering a friendly and uncomplicated shopping experience. Whether you're looking for the specific colors, new kits or seeking out a rare find, DotsYarnDen is a treasure trove for Scheepjes fans. Their selection and customer service are top-notch, and they offer in-store shopping at their location in Oregon. is an online store specializing in a wide range of yarns and related products for knitting and crochet enthusiasts. They offer a variety of Scheepjes yarn types, including Stardust, Bamboo Soft, Catona, Chunky Monkey, and more, along with kits, color packs, and books & tools to support various projects. The site offerings range from individual yarn skeins to comprehensive kits for specific projects, catering to both beginners and experienced crafters​. This shop offers a welcoming and community-oriented approach to yarn shopping. Specializing in Scheepjes yarn among other quality brands, Around The Table Yarns provides an excellent selection for crafters of all levels. Their dedication to customer service and passion for crafting make them a standout destination for Scheepjes enthusiasts.

YarnAddictedandCo: Located in Lexington, Kentucky, YarnAddictedandCo is celebrated for its commitment to providing great customer experiences, as evidenced by their status as a Star Seller on Etsy. They offer a wide variety of Scheepjes yarns, ensuring quick shipping within the USA. Stitched Naturally is an online yarn shop based in the USA, specializing in a vast selection of Scheepjes yarns including Stonewashed, Riverwashed, and the popular Whirls, among others. They pride themselves on being a small business contributing significantly to the knitting, crochet, and craft industry by offering a wide range of products from Whirls and Whirlettes to kits and accessories, all delivered right to your door. Additionally, they feature unique offerings such as Hardicraft Crochet and Knitting Amigurumi Kits, and a special collection called Fiberista by Abby, their oldest daughter, who creates handmade items inspired by her crafting experiences and customer suggestions​​​​​​.

Large Online Retailers

For those looking for a broader selection, these larger online retailers offer an extensive range of Scheepjes yarns alongside other crafting necessities. Known for their vast inventory and quick shipping, Jimmy Beans Wool is a reliable source for Scheepjes yarns among many other brands. Whether you're stocking up or just browsing, their site is worth a visit.

WEBS ( As one of the largest yarn stores in the US, WEBS carries an impressive array of Scheepjes products. Their discounts on larger orders can be particularly enticing for those big projects. A crafting haven, LoveCrafts not only stocks a wide range of Scheepjes yarns but also provides patterns and inspiration. Their community-driven approach makes shopping here a unique experience.

Canadian Shops That Ship to the US

For those willing to look a bit further afield, these Canadian shops offer international shipping to the US, broadening your options for finding Scheepjes yarns. With a focus on unique and high-quality yarns, Taemombo is a fantastic option for US shoppers looking for Scheepjes products. Their customer service is highly praised, making international shopping a breeze. As the name suggests, this shop offers trendy yarns, including a variety of Scheepjes options. Their selection and shipping options make them a great choice for those in the US seeking something special.

Other Options For convenience and fast shipping, Amazon is always an option. While the selection can vary, it's worth checking for Scheepjes yarns, especially for Prime members. Renowned for their wide selection and international shipping capabilities, Wool Warehouse is another fantastic online destination for Scheepjes yarn. They cater to a global audience and offer a broad range of Scheepjes products, making it easy for US customers to find what they need.

Share Your Favorites

While this guide covers a range of options for purchasing Scheepjes yarn in the US, we know the crafting community is vast and full of resources. If you have a local favorite shop that carries Scheepjes yarns or another hidden gem online, please share it in the comments below. Your recommendations can help fellow crafters on their quest for the perfect yarn. 🧶❤️

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